Internet (will) kill television star…

La télévision interactive a-t-elle signé ainsi sa propre mort , en se rapprochant trop près de l’autre lucarne : celle de l’ordinateur ? De plus en plus de passerelles existent entre petit et grand écran

Interactive television is making its way. Telecom operators have developed the technologies that, from cable to fiber optics, have allowed television signals to no longer be confined to a one-way journey but also from the consumer to the broadcaster.

Until then, nothing very extraordinary and it is essentially VOD (Video On Demand) which has thus installed itself in the salons, just in the same place as the remote control.

Has the interactive television signed its own death in this way, coming too close to the other dormer: that of the computer? More and more gateways exist between small and big screen. We have just seen one here before, we first saw the game consoles, which themselves used television as a computer screen, the multi-media / hard drive enclosures, then the game consoles have also been connected to the net.

Today, the cloud of the net is ready to fully encompass television. Indeed, Adobe, a competitor of some of Apple's technologies (why Flash, Adobe's flagship product, is not active on I-phone).

What time saving for broadcasters! A single format for the Web, nomad and television, beyond the technical aspects, this advance - whether it is confirmed with an Adobe product or another - will also have major repercussions on advertising.

But that's another story...

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