Because Warhol was wrong …

You’ve probably heard that famous Andy Warhol phrase that predicted to everyone “15 minutes of celebrity” or “fifteen minutes of fame” (“15 minutes of fame”). This expression, which many people believe to have been invented by the American artist Andy Warhol, pointed to the ephemeral celebrity that the mass media could provide.

This statement appears for the first time in the catalog of an exhibition in Stockholm in 1968. One year before the historic spread of the first steps of the man on the moon and 4 years before the scandal of Watergate which devoted the Press as the fourth The artist would have wanted to point out the power of the media and the ability to give too much importance or create ephemeral glories.

At the time, we were far from suspecting that television would make its own raw material, as seen with shows like “The Voice”, “The Loft” and other “Star Academy” …

As for the digital surge, the channels like youtube, instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, I do not think that even Warhol – any genius that he was – could consider the impact and the craze of these new media.

What made Warhol wrong was clearly that we went from mass media to a mass of media. Cliquez pour tweeter

For the professionals of the trade, all this seems clear to us: to the catalog of the forces in presence, it always seems to us easy to make the good choice. We talk about it as marketers, with the help of Anglicisms or neologisms.

The small businessman, the entrepreneur at the helm of his company is often lost in the face of the actions of some, the proposals of others. If too much information kills the info, choosing the right means of communication turns out to be a real challenge today. And, far from allowing everyone to find a quarter of an hour of glory, the meandering of social networks, their algorithms and off-line / online cross-communication give a head spin to those whose job is elsewhere.

The proliferation of means of communication has mainly created communication errors, not by clumsiness but often by a lack of information. Cliquez pour tweeter

I will share on my blog some tips and tricks, sometimes even some fundamentals in marketing and communication. If for some the material will appear already well known, I hope that these tickets will enlighten others or even raise awareness of the information and pedagogy that still requires some digital tools deemed well known to all.

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